Examination Rules of Conduct

Examination Regulations

All candidates taking examinations at MDI must comply with the following rules. Candidates
who fail to observe any of these rules may be disqualified from the examinations.

Examination Schedule

Candidates are responsible for presenting themselves for examinations on the date and time
shown in the examination schedule or entry proof which serves as the official examination
schedule stating the examination venue and modules.

Before Start of the Examination

  1. Only candidates who have registered for the examinations are permitted to enter the
    examination venue.
  2. Candidates must bring with them their photo ID (e.g. NRIC, Work Permit or Student’s Pass
    with Passport) for identification.
  3. Candidates shall be liable to expulsion from the examination centre if their identification documents do not belong to them.
  4. Candidates must be properly attired when they appear for the examination. Otherwise, they may be barred from the examination.
  5. Candidates are not allowed to possess, while in the examination hall/room, books,
    documents, pictures, notes and any unauthorised materials other than those provided by the
    examination centre. Electronic and communication devices (e.g. mobile phones) that are
    capable of displaying visual or verbal information are also not allowed. Any candidates
    found to be in possession of such materials and devices are considered as dishonest and liable to the same penalty as those detected for dishonesty during examinations. If communication devices are left in the examination room, they must be switched off. MDI will not be responsible for any loss of personal belongings.
  6. Candidates are to bring their own model for the practical examinations.
  7. Candidates are not permitted to eat, drink or smoke in the examination venue.
  8. For theory examinations, candidates must inform the Presiding Examiner or Invigilator
    immediately if they are:

    • Issued a question paper they have not registered for, OR
    • Issued a question paper that is not correctly addressed, OR
    • Issued a question paper not scheduled to take place at that time.

During the Examination

  1. No candidates are allowed to enter the examination hall/room after 30 minutes have lapsed from the start of the examination.
  2. Candidates may leave the examination hall/room after 30 minutes have lapsed from the start of the examinations. They will not be allowed to return to the examination centre unless an Invigilator or a person authorised by the Presiding Examiner has accompanied them while they were away.
  3. Candidates must not, for any reason, communicate with other candidates during the
    examination. Candidates shall not do anything which causes unnecessary distraction to other
    candidates. Candidates who are guilty of improper conduct or misbehave themselves may be
    expelled from the examination venue.
  4. Any candidate who wishes to communicate with an Invigilator must remain seated and raise
    his/her hand.
  5. Candidates will be stopped from proceeding further in the practical test if they continue to adopt an unsafe or dangerous method of operation despite warning. An unsafe or dangerous method of operation is one which may injure candidates or cause damage to machines or equipment.

At the End of the Examination

  1. Candidates who are allowed into the examination venue within 30 minutes after start of the examinations will not be given extra time at the end of examination.
  2. No candidates are allowed to leave the examination venue during the last 15 minutes of the examination.
  3. Candidates should stop writing immediately when instructed by the Presiding Examiner or
  4. Candidates should remain seated while the answer scripts are being collected. Candidates can leave the examination venue only after they have been told to do so by the Presiding
    Examiner or Invigilator.
  5. For examinations where more than one module is carried out, candidates are not allowed to leave until the end of the examination, unless otherwise instructed by Presiding Examiner.
  6. Candidates should not take question paper, used and unused answer booklets or any items
    issued by the Invigilator out of the examination venue unless otherwise stated.


  1. A candidate is guilty of dishonesty if he/she cheats or attempts to cheat during the
  2. Candidates found guilty of dishonesty will be graded ‘Fail’ and may face disciplinary action.
  3. Candidates who are unable to sit for examination but have a valid reason can seek for
    deferment to the next examination series. Candidates are to submit their request to MDI for
    approval before the date of examination.
  4. For reason of absence which cannot be known beforehand, candidates must submit their
    applications within the next two working days from the date of examination.

Absence from Examination

Candidates who are absent from the examination without approval will be considered to have failed the examination.

Infectious Diseases and Hospitalised Candidates

Candidates who are suffering from any infectious disease (e.g. chicken pox, SARS, H1N1)
are not allowed to sit for examination in their usual examination venue.

Examination Board
Mirror D’ International College
December 2011