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Vision & Mission


To be the premier college, providing an education using the latest technologies and expertise.


We commit to develop and accentuate students in a transparent environment with the relevant knowledge and skills in order to be specialized professionals in their trade.


The acronym for MDI Core Values is TRAIN

T: Transparency – We strive to ensure transparency in our systems
R: Responsibility – We take responsibility in providing a quality class college
A: Accentuate – We accentuate our students’ ability to bring out the best in them
I: Integrity – We will respect each other’s privacy and treat each other with integrity
N: Novelty – We strive to offer novelty in our ideas and education programs


Our goal is to be a renowned college with an excellent education system in Singapore by maximizing our clients’ satisfaction with various types of quality services and programs that will enable them to achieve their goals.

We will achieve this through our team of MDI Employees who strives for excellence and continuous improvement in an environment that encourages learning, team work, and good communication.

Our Culture

To build a culture of excellence and professionalism based on the MDI core values – TRAIN.