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Dispute Resolution Policy

At MDI, we wish to provide a comfortable, productive, legal and ethical work environment for our students. To this end, MDI wants our students to bring any grievances you have about the training centre to our attention. In light of these concerns we have instituted the following grievance procedure:

  1. The school accepts feedback / complaints in hard copy (e.g. letter or fax) or soft copy (e.g. email) from the public, staff or students. Grievance that is made in writing to the school must be signed and dated explaining the complaint, including all relevant facts and include any supporting documents. It should be addressed to the school. The grievance form must be signed and dated by the MDI representative upon submission to MDI.
  2. Upon receipt of the feedback / complaint, General Manager will direct the relevant manager or staff to investigate and to report back to him.
  3. Where necessary, General Manager discusses the feedback / complaint with the Management Team to draw learning points. The relevant manager then follows up with appropriate actions to improve the school’s operations.
  4. The school gives an acknowledgement or initial response to the feedback / complaint within 3 days.
  5. The school targets to resolve feedback / complaints within 14 working days.
  6. General Manager will assign the relevant manager to establish the facts of the case and complete the necessary investigation within 7 working days.
  7. The manager will decide whether the complaint/grievance is justified, and if so, offer a solution to the student. Documentation will be done by the school and a dated written copy will be provided to the student.
  8. If the student accepts and acknowledges the solution, no further action will be pursued except to record and file the grievance and solution.
  9. If the student declines the solution, the grievance will be referred to the General Manager who will review the case and offer a second solution. All these proceedings would be completed within 14 days and complainants are kept informed of the status.

In the event of a grievance, kindly fill in the Student Grievance Form and mail/email to us and we will get back to you within 3 working days.


Grievance Procedure