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Student Support Services

MDI provides support services to all its students and these services include:

  • Orientation programme for Students.
  • Assistance to Students facing difficulties adapting to the new environment.
  • Provision of public transportation guide to the school.
  • Conducive and friendly environment for learning.
  • Provision of pre-course counseling.
  • Advice on programs and post-graduation opportunities.
  • Advice to Students on internal grievance procedures
  • MDI provides pastoral counselling services
    If you are facing problems related to your study at MDI, please contact our Student Care Officers for counselling or we can assist to arrange counseling with external qualified persons.
  • Student Care Officers: Chan YingYing Monica, Chan Zhenhan Sebastian
  • The Student-teacher ratio per class for courses is 12:1.


Student Orientation Programme

The Student Orientation Programme is as follows:

1. Welcome Address

  • Vision, Mission and Values
  • Service Guarantees
  • Our Location and Facilities

2. Course Matters

  • Course Pre-Requisites
  • Award Criteria
  • Qualification for Award
  • Job Opportunities
  • Types of Fees
  • Miscellaneous Fees
  • Course Fee Payment

3. Student Matters

  • Attendance & Punctuality
  • Course Deferment
  • Expulsion
  • Grievance Procedure
  • Refund Policy
  • Cooling-Off Period
  • Transfer and Withdrawal Policy

4. Student Protection

  • Confidentiality

5. Student Support Services

  • The Do’s & the Don’ts
  • Students Undergoing Training
  • Medical Care in Singapore
  • Pastoral Counselling Services