Pre-Course Counselling

At MDI, our Education Consultants/Agents will perform a pre-course counselling for prospective students before students enter into any form of commitment with the school. The pre-course counselling includes:

  • MDI’s location and a general description of the facilities and infrastructures
  • Application requirements and procedures
  • Course counselling to match the aspirations of the prospective students with the course learning outcomes
  • Type of certification awarded at the end of the course
  • Opportunities for further education after graduation or job prospect after graduation
  • Total payable fee throughout the course duration
  • FPS adopted by MDI, payment methods and schedule
  • Student contract clauses
  • Refund policy
  • Transfer and withdrawal policy
  • Students’ support services
  • Course admission requirements and any exemption
  • Course modules and outlines
  • Course duration and assessment schedules
  • Promotion and award criteria, including any special condition

For International students, additional information are provided as follows:

Creating a monthly budget to track your income and expenses will help you better manage your monthly cash flow with
  • Relevant Singapore laws
  • Visa and student’s pass application requirements and procedures
  • Advice n personal and medical insurance
  • General healthcare services in Singapore

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